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Environmental Student Association hosts thrift market event

The Environmental Student Association held the Thrift Market Event on November 3 in The Square.

This event is held for student vendors to sell thrifted clothes and other recycled and up-cycled accessories.

ESA President Nicole Wolf says the ESA holds this event every other month, and they have a waitlist of students trying to become a vendor at this event.

“We have a long waitlist of vendors, but can only fit so many at one time” Wolf said.

Tag Sison, Creator of his brand “Simplicio Ex.” was vending at the event. He said he started his brand in 2021 after becoming frustrated that he couldn’t find exactly what he wanted at most thrift stores.

“Simplicio Ex. is actually named after my grandfather... I thought to myself, what if I just

created the stuff that I want,” he said.



Staff Writer

Video reporting courtesy of John Paskoski

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