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Five secret study spots on campus

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Salisbury University has its mainstream locations where students study or at least try to be productive with their friends around them. Between noise and inconsistent seating, some places like the computer lab pit in first floor of the Guerrieri Academic Commons or the classrooms on the second floor of the Perdue School of Business become lackluster.

Sometimes more privacy is needed and that is why the Flyer is here to help. These five locations are convenient, do not pertain to certain majors and usually have open seating. All of these spots also have an amazing view of our campus either from the ground or from above.

“The Secret Garden” — located between the back of Fulton Hall and Holloway Hall, this gorgeous outdoor garden is a great getaway for studying. Accompanied by a fountain and tons of plant life, it is the best place to be during the later Spring and early Fall. There might be some people walking out of Holloway at certain times of the day, but they are just passing through. Just follow the red brick pathway behind Holloway and discover the oasis.

Fourth floor of Guerrieri Academic Commons — What seems like a hallway for the Nabb Center or the Assembly Hall is actually a fantastic study spot for those who wish4th floor.jpg to remain hidden. With comfortable chairs and tables, this mysterious locations only drawbacks are the many stairs that must be climbed to get there. Thankfully that is why SU has elevators. But the best part of the fourth floor resides in the Assembly Hall. When entering, go out the doors to the left and there’s outside seating with an awesome view of Red Square and the rain garden above Hungry Minds. When a break is needed from studying, students can look out on either side of the building at the amazing view.

Behind the Bellavance Honors House — Located across Camden Avenue, this is another outdoor location that is close to student housing and is beautiful when the weather allows it. There is a bench and fountain that is usually shaded by the tall trees that surround the honors house. There will be students going in and out of the classroom connected to the honors house, but other than that, it is a great place to wind down and enjoy nature. Students do not have to be in the Honors College to enjoy this area.

Second floor of Guerrieri Student Union — A place that is mainly passed by WXSU DJ’s and University staff, this small but comfortable assortment of couches and chairs is another great place to study and/or relax. This spot also gives students the opportunity to finally look outside the giant window that faces the garden and gazebo behind Devilbiss. Sure the lockers against the wall are not aesthetically pleasing, but it is space that is underused.

Third floor of Conway.jpgThird floor in Conway (TETC) — The third floor of Conway is unknown to many people if they are not using the recording studios and/or not exercise science majors. The third floor of the building has several chairs and tables that are often not used and provide a great view of the Academic Commons. The second floor of Conway has the same set up but those seats are always filled and the view is not at as breathtaking.

Finding an ideal study spot that gets students out of their apartment or dorm room is an important element to being successful, especially in that first semester. These five locations represent diverse places on campus, that are easily accessible and can be used however students see fit.



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