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GALLERY: The class that makes glass

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Among Salisbury University's most unique class offerings, glassblowing draws on students' creativity and technical skills. Students learn to heat, mold and shape glass during three-hour class sessions. Fulton Hall holds glass one and two, advanced glassblowing and SU's glassblowing club. First semester students recently took their work to the next level to make glass cups.

Photography by Madeline Rathmann.

Victoria Crockett (left) and Brayden Ashby (right) work together to mold the glass into a bubble. Students have ample time to fail and try again until they create the perfect project to turn in.

Students work with a high-temperature glass blowing furnace to heat and mold the glass. Salisbury University has three tanks, dubbed "glory holes."

Entry-level glass blowing students learn to shape glass by making bubbles.

Students make cups for their second glass project of the semester.

Eve Watsky works quickly to shape the mouth of her cup. Timing is important when working with glass, which quickly cools down.

Masha Goncharenko heats up glass in "the glory hole" to make the material moldable. If not heated sufficiently, glass is difficult to work with and at risk of breaking.

Students melt discarded glass shards together to add color to new pieces.



Photography Editor

Featured images courtesy of Madeline Rathmann.

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