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Gull Fest is going to the Nest Level

Earlier this semester at Salisbury University, rumors were spread that spring concert Gull Fest was cancelled. While some students look forward to this event every spring, its popularity has decreased dramatically over the years.

Gull Fest has gained the reputation of being lame because SU hasn’t had a relevant artist in years, resulting in a smaller student turnout.

But the cancellation of Gull Fest was all a publicity stunt in order to rebrand the spring concert, which is now named “Nest Level,” to make it bigger and better.

The announcement that A$AP Ferg was headlining the new spring concert definitely grabbed some students’ attention. With songs like “Plain Jane” and “Work Remix,” the popular rapper is sure to bring a larger crowd than previous years.

But despite a better artist, many SU students were turned off by the new name “Nest Level.”

Rita Cordero, freshmen at SU, was unimpressed with the name and does not plan on going to Nest Level.

“Personally, I was surprised by the choice to change the name. I didn’t think the original name was bad,” Cordero said. “And with “Nest Level” I can see how they were trying to play off of ‘next level,’ but nest? That doesn't make me feel hyped up. I think they could make an even better name than Gull Fest or Nest Level.”

The changing of the name is part of a big rebranding campaign by the Student Organization for Activity Planning to get more students excited for the spring concert and raise attendance numbers.

But with tickets going on sale soon, there hasn’t been much buzz or advertising around the event.

Junior Elisa Rivera has never attended Gull Fest because of the bad artist selection, which she thought wasn’t worth the money. But this year, she has changed her mind.

“Yeah, I want to go this year, but I haven't heard much about it. Are tickets even on sale yet?” Rivera asked. “You would think with a rebranding campaign that they would’ve had more advertising hyping it up, all I’ve seen is that one sign.”

Nest Level is happening on May 4 in Maggs Gym, with tickets going on sale April 15 at the Guerrieri Student Union Information Desk. It is $10 with an SU ID through April 28 and $15 with an SU ID April 29 and later. Guest tickets are $25 with an SU ID and the guest must have a college ID themselves in order to attend.

Although Nest Level is being advertised as the new and improved Gull Fest, some students still aren’t impressed with the artist and especially with the venue.

Senior Olivia Rowland is not going to Nest Level and has never attended the spring concert at SU.

“The artists were never good and didn’t interest me. If they got someone good, I would go, but I am part of the minority that likes country and I would like to see some country artists in the future,” Rowland said.

The location of Maggs Gym for the concert is also a big deterrent for a lot of students.

Many, like Rowland, expressed they would be more inclined to go if it was outside and had a more festival feel.

“And [the concert] is in Maggs! No one wants to be packed in a sweaty gym all together,” Rowland said. “I wish it was outside like in the stadium or maybe on Holloway Lawn. Or the intramural fields; it’s fenced in and on campus, but also outside.”

Expectations are definitely running high for Nest Level, and many students are eager to see the changes SOAP has made to SU’s spring concert. Don’t be the one to miss out this year!



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