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Homecoming tailgate was a success

This past Homecoming Weekend, Salisbury University cleared Avery Street Parking Lot from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. to allow students and families to tailgate once again. Cars were lined up around the block as early as 9:45 so people could get a good spot with their friends, with a $10 charge per car.

Many people came out to the tailgate with friends and family to enjoy their time before the football game. The smell of barbecue was in the air from many different organizations and music was booming all around. Those who paid to bring their cars into the tailgate were able to bring drinks inside the tailgate as well.

Uriel Vega, junior and political science major at SU, loved the sense of community tailgates bring to the university.

SU students and alumni with Sammy the Seagull- Photo from @SUAlumni

“I wanted unity across Salisbury and I got it. It feels amazing,” said Vega. “We should really not cut tailgates because we see a lot of people from Salisbury and we see a lot of people from school and it is a comfort zone.”

The tailgate was the first one to happen this semester and it was a success. It brought together multi-generational families to spend time together and support SU.

Olivia Thomas, a great-grandmother to an SU student said, “This is my second year here for the tailgate and I think it’s great!”

The tailgate was able to bring out many different people to socialize with one another and just have a good time. People were playing cornhole and water pong, people were dancing and singing to music and people were eating burgers, chicken, chips and more.

Thomas Mannion, a senior human communications major, volunteered at the tailgate and was happy to see so many people come out.

“I think the attendance is really high up and it’s also families,” said Mannion. “It’s more organized. I feel like it builds a sense of community and they don’t have to hide their organizations – there is a lot of Greeks here.”

It is also a place where a lot of Salisbury students’ parents or family members can also come out to enjoy time with their students and also meet other friends. There were also alumni that came back to enjoy the tailgate with friends that still go to the school.

2017 Salisbury alumni Dominique Williams said, “I still have a couple of friends here, but at the end of the day, Salisbury is still my home. The atmosphere, I feel like, it has definitely improved. Everyone being here – it’s like a block party but it’s for the school.”

Earlier in the semester, the school attempted to put on a “Flock Party” for the football games, which resulted in a much smaller turnout than the tailgate. For the Flock Party, people could buy food or alcoholic beverages inside the event and were unable to bring anything in.

There were a lot of people that attended the tailgate and Sea Gull Stadium was packed with fans to support our football team.

Some students did not attend the football game because they were not interested in football or would not be able to sit for the whole game. Football games are free for all SU students if they have their Gull Cards, but not for visitors.

The homecoming tailgate was something that people definitely enjoyed and is something that should be continued for years to come.



Staff Writer

Featured photo: @SUAlumni

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