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Josh Peck talks fame, family and Cook Out in Holloway Hall

Holloway Hall Auditorium was packed at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday as over 700 students bought tickets to see Josh Peck speak.

“A Night with Josh Peck” was put on by Salisbury University’s Student Organization for Activity Planning and was a mix of interview and stand-up comedy that had the whole room laughing. Camille Supplee moderated the event and got to ask Peck questions about being an actor, a YouTuber and a family man.

Camille Supplee and Josh Peck

Peck is most famously known for his role in “Drake & Josh” and spoke candidly about child fame and growing up in the spotlight. He discussed how he always wanted to be on the show “All That,” but got his start on “The Amanda Show.”

When he first mentioned the show “Drake & Josh,” the crowd erupted into applause, to which he replied, “Oh, you know that show?”

Throughout the show, Peck would periodically stand up and tell jokes or stories about people referencing lines from “Drake & Josh” to him. Peck also talked about his struggle with weight and how he used comedy as a defense mechanism to make fun of people before they made fun of him.

He believes that the show was so popular because people could identify with the blended family in the show and having an evil little sister.

“It has been crazy that it got so big, and it has had such a lasting impression on a whole generation,” Peck said. “It’s good to know the fandom is still strong.”

Peck went on to discuss different projects he has done since his time on "Drake & Josh," like the movie "Red Dawn" and the show "Grandfathered" with John Stamos. He also talked about what it is like to be married and have a child.

Brigette Remsberg with Josh Peck at VIP meet and greet

Brigette Remsburg, a freshman at SU, was one of 12 students who won a VIP ticket to the show. She won her ticket at a SOAP-sponsored bingo night.

Remsberg arrived an hour early to the show and got to go backstage for a meet-and-greet and photo with Peck. She also got reserved seating in the front rows.

“I was so excited, and we were freaking out because he waved to us first when we walked in, and we all got to go up and take a picture with him,” Remsberg said. “I was too nervous to say anything to him, but it wasn’t a sit-down or anything, just a brief conversation.”

Remsberg said she was excited to meet him because of “Drake & Josh” and because he is friends with David Dobrik.

Peck also did his homework on SU and made multiple jokes about Salisbury’s campus culture and restaurants.

Peck gave a shoutout to the Warehouse, Brew River, Cook Out, Saferide and even the Perdue Chicken Plant, which all received laughter from the crowd.

“I had a couple too many at the Warehouse before this,” Peck said. “I’m gonna need to take a Saferide home. I probably have 13 parking tickets on my car already.”

Cheyenne Woppman, senior at SU and comedy chair for SOAP, said the idea to bring Peck to SU came to fruition last semester.

Woppman said it took a little convincing, but most people were on board, and the turnout proves they made the right decision.

“I could not believe how many people bought tickets so quickly,” Woppman said. “I was amazed, and it was awesome. I can’t wait for the next thing we do.”




Featured photo: Sofia Carrasco image/Brigette Remsburg image.

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