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Netflix vs. Disney+: the ongoing battle

Fans of Disney classics aren't the only ones who have taken notice to the new streaming platform Disney+.

Netflix has also felt the heat with the rise of the new platform, and the pressure is on. The fight for the best of all platforms begins as Netflix, Disney+ and even Hulu suit up for battle.

Having just been released to the public a few weeks ago on Tuesday, Nov. 19, Disney+ has already racked up more than 10 million subscribers. In a desperate effort to remain a favorite streaming platform, Netflix just recently signed a multi-year contract with Nickelodeon.

This deal means that Netflix will produce both new and original TV shows and movies, including "SpongeBob Squarepants," "iCarly" and "Invader Zim."

“Nickelodeon’s next step forward is to keep expanding beyond linear platforms, and our broader content partnership with Netflix is a key path toward that goal," President of Nickelodeon Brian Robbins said in a statement.

Although many are excited with the announcement of the new partnership, others feel that Netflix is desperately trying to compete with its new rival, Disney+.

"I just feel like even before Disney+ was released to the public, Netflix was already hanging on by a thread, and the only reason they decided to partner with Nickelodeon was to save themselves from going even more bankrupt," said junior Alexa Rowlings.

While there is no doubt that the reason Netflix made a deal with Nickelodeon was to compete with Disney+, it doesn't take away the fact that many are skeptical about this new partnership and what exactly it entails. The New York Times recently revealed that Netflix is making a musical based on the "SpongeBob SquarePants" character Squidward.

Although Hulu and Disney+ both offer very different content, they are not competing directly against each other. This is because the two streaming platforms are owned by the same company.

Disney+ even announced its bundle package, which is for only $12.99 a month. It includes access to Disney+, Hulu and ESPN. Separately, all of those streaming platforms cost $18 a month, so you would be saving $5 if you chose to purchase this bundle package.

Overall, what you watch is going to determine what streaming service you decide to spend your money on. If you are a die-hard fan of Nickelodeon, then Netflix is what you will want to go with. But if you are a Disney fanatic, you will want to invest in Disney+. The question comes down to what did you watch as a kid? Personally, I was a Disney kid, but my boyfriend was a Nickelodeon kid ... Let's just say our streaming service bill is going to be high moving forward.

Let the streaming wars rage on and happy watching!



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