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Off campus shooting injures Salisbury University students

In the late hours of Thursday night police responded to the location of an off campus shooting where three people were injured in a building occupied largely by university students

Salisbury University students received notice of police response to an "incident near campus" and a vague safety warning to "avoid any areas where police activity is observed" at 11:56 p.m.

Through-out the night, news of the shooting rang through campus but little information was available. An "all clear alert" was issued to students at 1:52 a.m. stating students could return to normal activities.

Community news outlets indicate that this incident on Sept. 14 was one of four isolated incidents regarding firearms in a roughly 48 hour period throughout Wicomico County.

The University Police made another attempt to communicate with campus via an email sent at 12:06 p.m. on Friday confirming injuries to three SU students the night prior. They advised safety protocols for holding off-campus gatherings and informed the school community that police do not believe there is a threat to campus at the time of the email.

The advised safety protocols include:

- Do not advertise parties or other events on social media

-Take note of exit-points and be aware of your surroundings (especially in unfamiliar areas)

The email also advised that "If unwanted individuals show up at a gathering, students should not confront or engage those individuals. In such instances, police should be called immediately."

This incident is being actively investigated by police and anyone with information about the incident is encouraged to reach out to the following numbers:

Salisbury (City) Police: 410-548-3165 or Salisbury University Police: 410-543-6222



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