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PHOTO GALLERY: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Salisbury University student workers ensure that breakfast is taken care of in Commons Dining Hall.

SU sophomore Emisi Bashonga, a worker at the Commons Dining Hall, assists Suzanne “Sooz” Aldridge, a graduate student worker, in refilling the Frosted Flakes canister. Aldridge is the student manager for this breakfast shift.

Bashonga spends time drying the cups and replacing them onto the rack for student usage. The workers constantly restock cups throughout the day in between other tasks.

SU freshman and Commons employee Kayanna Cunic rolls the cardboard rack into the elevator. Cunic is heading outside to the dumpsters where they break the cardboard down and place it into the recycling receptacle.

Cunic carries the broken down cardboard boxes to the recycling receptacle. She stands and waits for Bashonga to drop her pile off before grabbing more pieces. They return the racks upstairs once they are done.

SU freshman and Commons employee Sabrina Stokes handwashes the various lids and canisters at the end of the breakfast shift. She cleaned and restocked in order to prepare for the noon lunch rush.


Featured photos by Charlotte Russell Images.

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