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Paintings worth a thousand words, SU artists

In the Fulton school inspiration can come from anywhere and self expression can lead to anything. We took a dive into what inspires the creativity beyond the canvases in just a few of the schools aspiring painters.

Daijah Richardson is a junior art student who uses femininity and self expression in her art.

Daijah's artwork this semester is going through a bit of a dark period.

Daijah's art can be found on display in Guerrieri student art space called the divinity of color.

Daijah took her inspiration for these sketches from some artists that have really inspired her like

Momina uses mixed media in her artwork and will oftentimes include fabrics and other textures.

The painting she is currently working on is a depiction of the afterlife and how after death is better than the actual life you lie.

Momina Wahee is a senior graduating Fall 2024. Momina's art is inspired a lot by her culture and religion.

This piece Delaney is still working on is about falling in love.

Delaney Cinnamon is a junior who uses art to communicate with the world. Delaney comes from a very creative family and has come to express her feelings through painting and photography.

Delaney is a mixed media artist. In this painting there are crocheted stars because Delaney discovered how to crochet and thought it tied in well with the piece.



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