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Poms 2023 Showcase

On November 12th, 2023 Poms performed their annual fall showcase. The showcase included ten songs performed by both their general and showcase team, all choregraphed by seven of their members. Each dance had it's own unique set of dancers, outfits and stories to tell.

Josie Dike choregraphed this dance to Billie Eilish's "What Was I Made For" expressing the teams own take on girlhood.

The silhouette of the dancers during their performance of "Open Hands".

President Lilly Fooks and Vice President Maddie Smith worked together to choregraph their interpretation of the song "Fallin'".

Maddie Smith choregraphed a dance in honor of a loved one to the song "Open Hands".

Gwen Weeks during the final performance of the showcase, "A Little Party".

Kayla Clark choregraphed a dance inspired by old Hollywood called "West Coast".

Mallory Smith began the "West Coast" dance, under a singular spotlight.

Josie Dike and Gwen Weeks embrace during their "What Was I Made For" performance.

While choregraphing this piece "Open Hands" Maddie Smith hoped the piece would remind the audience to hold each other close.

This piece was choregraphed by Tori Lowe. It was an emotional, lyrical piece performed to the song "In The Kitchen".

The final dance of the showcase featured the who showcase team. They danced to "A Little Party", choregraphed by Starr Coleman.

During their performance of "Open Hands" choregraphed by Maddie Smith, the dancers told a story of love and loss.

This dance, performed to "What Was I Made For?" choregraphed by Josie Dike, was the teams way of showing their own stories of girlhood.

During their performance of "Open Hands" the team threw white petals.

The general team performed their interpretation of "Drops of Jupiter" choregraphed by Lilly Fooks and Maddie Smith.

Lyla Zelenka choregraphed this dance, focusing on the visual and choreography. The dancers wore blue sweatsuits and performed to "Lost In The World".

One of the final performances was "West Coast", choregraphed by Kayla Clark. Where the dancers brought to life old Hollywood.

Maddie Smith during her- and Lilly Fooks -choregraphed performance of "Fallin'".

Photography & Editing by Madeline Rathmann

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