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Presidential Search Committee announces two community forums

The search committee tasked with finding the next president for Salisbury University has announced the details of two community forums to be held in December.

D’Ana Johnson, Chair of the Search Committee and member of the Board of Regents, invited all students via school-wide email to come together and voice their ideas to the committee.

These forums seek to take a deeper look into the Salisbury community in order to provide everyone who is willing the opportunity to speak to the committee directly. Similar to the University System of Maryland (USM) Chancellor Rob Caret’s trip to campus in October, this forum will be a way for the committee to hear what the community wants in the next president.

There will be two forum dates; the first on Dec. 6 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. hosted in the Wicomico Room of the Guerrieri Student Union, and the second on Dec. 12 between noon and 2 p.m. in the Holloway Hall Auditorium.

Johnson also included in her email some regulations for the forum that the committee would like to enforce in order to give each speaker ample time.

All community members that wish to speak at the designated forums will sign up at the meeting, and each speaker will be asked to limit their comments to between five and seven minutes.

This should help to ensure that the committee is able to hear as many of the comments as possible within the two-hour forum. Representatives of larger groups and organizations are also encouraged to attend the forum.

For any member of the SU community who is unable to attend either forum but wants to still make a statement is encouraged to provide a written statement up to one page. The committee plans to review all written and oral statements given and incorporate the ideas heard into their search.

The process of the search for SU’s next president will continue after these forums until the committee makes it’s final recommendations to the chancellor and Board of Regents. The USM initially announced that the process is expected to take up to six months once the committee was formed in early November.



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Featured photo: President Dudley-Eshbach (Salisbury University image).

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