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Salisbury University Pops perform again

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

The Salisbury University Pops concert band has not performed since the pandemic. Rehearsing in a tent outside, covering instruments and reducing ensemble members by half were just a few of the challenges Pops endured during the pandemic.

Things are looking up for the ensemble this year, according to SU Pops Conductor Dr. Lee Knier. Both Knier and the students are excited to be back together.

“What I observed with my students … was everybody just wanted to get together with somebody else and play,” Knier said.

Students described the atmosphere in the room as being lighthearted and almost every member was invested in the music.

Allyson Morris, a senior member and French horn player, expressed her joy in playing with the band again. Morris said she was most excited about having a live concert this semester after it being live streamed the past two.

“…I think that we’re going to have people coming into the auditorium when we have concerts … so that’ll be nice,” Morris said.

Knier acknowledged the difficulties for the band due to COVID-19 and said that this would be a “building year” to get the band back to where they were before. In previous years when they may have had 30-35 students, they now only have 20.

“The students who are here seem … happier than ever to be back and playing” Knier said.

The SU Pops concert is on Dec. 7 at 7:30 p.m. The band will be playing a variety of Christmas themed music.



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Featured photo courtesy of Ryan Mackesey

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