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Salisbury University’s Blackwell Hall to undergo major renovation

Blackwell Hall, former home of the library and later the building Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, will undergo a major three-year renovation beginning by the Summer of 2024 according to Eric Berkheimer, associate vice president of facilities and capital management.

The new building is said to feature open space as well as collaborative areas for students and employees to work together, meeting the needs of students and employees who work at Blackwell Hall.

Abby Murphy, an employee at Blackwell Hall who works for orientation, says that she would like to see a more student-friendly and accessible setup once the building reopens, as well as a more uniform office space for groups and organizations that are related.

“I would like to see a cohesive group of offices hopefully housed in this building. I think it would be great to have all of related offices in one building, rather than scattered about across the [campus],” Murphy said.

Murphy says that the Blackwell Hall renovation is expected to begin by the Summer of 2024. Kayla Ennis, Academic Advisor at Blackwell Hall, also says that she would like to see more windows and more open room in the building, as well as vending machines. Blackwell Hall is currently the only on-campus building that does not have vending machines.

Ennis has worked at Blackwell Hall since January 2023, and likes working for Salisbury University, though she sees this renovation as long overdue. Ennis says renovations should be complete by 2027.

“I like working with students. I like my job, but not necessarily the space. You’d think the space would be conducive to what we do here.” Ennis said.



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