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Salisbury University welcomes new class

Salisbury University welcomed its newest class while making one final yield to win over undecided students.

During Admitted Student Day, attending students had the opportunity of a head start getting involved on campus, and were able to start forming relationships with other students before ever attending classes.

Admitted Student Day was an opportunity for prospective students to meet with faculty as well as their future classmates.

SU’s Vice President of Enrollment Management Aaron Basko expressed how significant it can be for prospective students to get a feel for the campus culture.

“Just the friendliness of the students they meet, as well as staff and faculty reaching out to them is a big deal,” said Basko. “Admitted Students Day is also one of the few opportunities for prospective students [to] get an in depth look inside specific academic areas.”

The day is also a celebration of what SU has come to stand for. It is a chance to show off how strong of an education SU can provide and how high its standing has risen in terms of academic accomplishment.

Basko mirrored these sentiments in describing the how much the university should relish the opportunity to display its achievements.

“Sometimes people don’t realize what an amazing institution we are. We’re a top producer of Fulbright scholars, one of the best undergraduate research institutions in the state, many of our majors and programs have national rankings or recognition,” said Basko.

Admitted Student Day is also an investment in SU’s future, as it attracts the students that will make up the backbone of campus activities moving forward.

Basko expressed the significance placed on attempting to attract the kind of student that will push SU forward.

“It’s our opportunity to say these are the types of students we want to have here. It is investing in attracting students that will be a great fit,” said Basko. “I think the degree to which we are able to show who we really are and the character of the institution the better we’ll be able to attract the kind if students who will be a great fit here.”

SU was able to showcase all the opportunities provided to students during their enrollment. Admitted students are a fundamental factor of any university. Multiple SU organizations and clubs ranging from dance teams, Greek Life, SU's student-run radio station WXSU and many more came out to the event to showcase their clubs to new students.

WXSU provided music at the Admitted Students Day fair. Photo from WXSU Instagram

Assistant Director of Freshman Admissions Chase Overholt explained how many decisions are based off of incoming students.

“Enrollment and retention are factors which influence everything else on campus,” Overholt said. “Funding, support from the state, student life ... ”

The importance of Admitted Student Day was not lost on student leaders around campus who helped to make the day a success.

Freshman Savannah Johnson from the Substance Dance Club expressed the importance of the event to both her up-and-coming dance club and to prospective students.

“Today’s event is important for the admitted students,” Johnson said. “They get to see what Salisbury has to offer in its entirety, the diversity Salisbury has to offer.”



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Featured photo: WXSU image.

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