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Editor's note: A thank you to The Flyer

It is that time of year once again. A time when we send off our graduating seniors in hopes they will achieve the greatness a Salisbury University education entails.

This time, it is my turn — my opportunity to walk across the stage and take to the world with novel ideas and contributions (hopefully).

For the past two years, I have been a member of The Flyer's production team, working behind the scenes to help bring content to life. I have been responsible for laying out each print release of our trying newspaper, formatting articles of all subject matter and reading the names of staff and writers come and go.

I also rolled out this very website, as well as several other projects, with the shared hope among fellow staff of lifting this historic student publication from recent campus obscurity.

Originally, I joined The Flyer as a freshman, using it as a mechanism to combat homesickness. Over time, my dedication as a staff writer filled the void once occupied by the thoughts of home. I became a member of the staff one year later.

The experience and pre-professional growth have been monumental takeaways from my involvement, but the lifelong friendships and connections have been by far the greatest benefits reaped from my tenure.

I would like to pay gratitude to the people who have guided me along this journey.

First and foremost, the staff. Our editors and production people throughout the 2018-19 school semesters will go down as some of the best in this paper’s history. We have accomplished many goals — some lofty in scope and feasibility — all the while remaining an efficient and sympathetic unit. I thank each and everyone of you for being outstanding in what you do, and for making my time here both successful and enjoyable.

I would like to thank the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership and director Tricia Garvey Smith for their welcoming of new ideas and support in making “just a newspaper” something so much more.

And of course, our steadfast community adviser and Daily Times reporter Ricky Pollitt for his time and insightful mentorship. We could not have achieved our many successes without your expertise.

Last, my family and friends. Thank you for showing interest in my articles and for what I make. Your support has been indispensable to my achievement here.

It may sound cliche, but college is truly what you make of it. We all endure hardships and hesitations to change, but how you handle said obstacles will stand as your defining characteristics in life. If done correctly, you are sure to meet amazing people and make memorable experiences along the way.

In the end, what we regret most are the chances we never took. I, going out on a limb to leave a confining comfort zone, took a chance with The Flyer and struck gold — and a little maroon, too. My sincerest appreciation and thanks, The Flyer and Sea Gull community.


By SAWYER CORNELIUS (spring '19)

Layout editor

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