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Senior Gulls prepare to leave the nest

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

The volleyball team seniors pose during their senior day festivities before their Oct. 22 game against John's Hopkins. Photo courtesy of Salisbury Athletics

As the athletic season nears its end, senior Sea Gulls play their final games at Salisbury University. Some championship play remains though most teams already honored graduating teammates with senior day events.

Senior volleyball player Jenna Feinauer was honored Oct. 22 during festivities in the team's match against Johns Hopkins. The game held special significance for Feinauer as it marked not only her senior day but also her twin sister's senior day, who plays volleyball at Saint Mary’s.

The family was able to support both volleyball seniors with one parent physically walking one twin while the other joined via Facetime. “It was funny it happened that way,” Feinauer said.

After the team received new jerseys this year, graduating seniors received their old jersey numbers framed.

For seniors, saying goodbye to the teams so central to their college experience is bittersweet. Feinauer said she enjoyed her time as an SU athlete because she could “compete with [her] friends and represent the school.”

Senior soccer player Lissette Carneiro also enjoyed her time as an SU athlete because “everywhere you go you see a teammate, whether it be in the library or in Commons.”

"We are a family for four years, a band of brothers," said senior soccer athlete Scott Burns.

"Towards the end of the season a lot of guys on our team rallied around us and grinded out performances for us, it was stuff you love to see," added Burns.

Looking back, Burns was thankful despite the hardships.

“There were definitely lots of ups and downs in my four years, but you will get rewarded when it is tough,” she said, “I stuck through it and have no regrets.”

Approaching the end of the Spring season, senior women's lacrosse player Erin Scannell said she will miss "close connections with the team."

Scannell said she chose SU for its community and coaching staff. She praised Coach Jim Nestor for emphasizing the student-athlete role and accommodating Scannell's student teaching schedule.



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Featured image courtesy of Salisbury Athletics

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