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Snapchat, what have you done?

It has only been a few weeks and it would be a lie to say that everything is fine because Snapchat, one of the world’s most beloved apps, has made their largest mistake. They are constantly updating everything, confusing all users and losing billions of dollars.

Usually, an update from an app on the phone delivers more content with a wide array of new, exciting features at a swipe of a fingertip. But this time, business has changed and no one is impressed.

Snapchat has always been one of the main social media outlets for all smartphone users. From a lazy day lounging at home to a wild rally in the city, the app has delivered a reliable stream of interesting content whether it is being sent or seen.

The selfie was reinvented due to the innovative strives of Snapchat. Puppy dog ears, puking rainbows and flowered crowns have all become a major contributor to today’s pop culture.

Little did the world know, there was more in store. Snapchat stories became a sensation, changing the way we glimpse into each other’s lives. Sharing a snapshot or video with friends became instantaneous. Overnight, a new way to brag about a luxurious lifestyle or complain about a crummy day was born.

Feature after feature was being introduced. A more recent hit was the ability to place stickers of locations, known as geotags, on photos and stories.

Snapchat was the platform that everyone loved, so they expanded. There was an innovative transformation, which covered sporting events, breaking news stories, concerts etc.

Snapchat was striving for perfection. It may have even been perfect, until it was unrecognizable until Jan. 10 of this year.

The latest update left enjoyers of the app in shock. No one knew what happened and millions were confused on how to look at friend’s stories. The difference from a regular snap and a story suddenly became a blur. Streaks that had lasted for months or even years were being lost in the disarray. Snaps and snappers alike diffused in the chaos.

Anger from loyal app users, celebrities and everyone in between vocalized their concerns and the update spawned countless memes online. Furthermore an online pension went around demanding Snapchat to revert to its original format/

“It is horrendous,” junior Kyra Young said. “The app is upsetting. I find myself using Instagram stories more than I used to.”

Another user of the infamous app said that they had removed all traces of it from their phone

“I have deleted it from my phone. I am not sure how long this will last but for now it is not on my phone,” sophomore Kristy Gonzalez said.

There seems to be a trend with nearly everyone questioning the update and its new format.

It is hard to tell whether there will ever be peace within the snap community or if there if the backlash will ever stop.

Only time will tell if a restoration from the past will ensue but with two months passing by, it appears Snapchat will remain unappealing. Perhaps a new update will return things to normal.

Until this happens, we mourn the once beloved app or wrestle with the prevailing version. Ultimately, it is the creators, not the technology, that are limiting social networking progress.



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