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SU alumnus offers publishing guidance to students

Salisbury University alumnus publication allows students the opportunity to become accomplished authors.

Founder of Best Seller Publications of Maryland (BSP) Corry Schulman offers prospective writers opportunities in publishing works. This includes print novels, instructional guides and various other forms of media works.

His publication gives interested students the tools they need to become published authors.

The 1986 graduate majored in psychology at SU. He began his writing career with some 15 years of work in a personally-owned and operated resume preparedness firm, where he reviewed thousands of employee resumes from numerous fields and areas of study.

Schulman’s most recent book, “Resumes that Impress,” was published earlier this year and gives a detailed look of professional resume design with tips and tricks on adding exemplar content.

“[The book] provides insight into how to identify and express personal and professional accomplishments,” Schulman said. “As well as career-related certifications so applicants can out-compete other job candidates.”

Many underestimate the power and importance that a clean and appropriate resume can bring.

“Well-put-together resumes have the capacity to increase annual income by roughly $10,000 in some employment cases,” Schulman said.

His previous work “Resumes for Higher Paying Positions” reveals a more in-depth feel for constructing and delivering a solid representation of one’s professional repertoire. Ranking 25 in a local book distribution’s top-40, the book is a must-read for tomorrow’s elite professionals.

Schulman advises students to think carefully about their career pathways and to associate themselves with and participate in organizations which run parallel to their occupational goals.

“I encourage students to participate in internships that are relevant to their careers and gain experience which goes much further than their education,” Schulman said. “This gives an opportunity to realistically apply their skills.”

With his accomplishments in book publishing, Schulman set out to make the process more user-friendly and easy. His company’s website offers an inside look at this simplified means of independent publishing.

Visitors who consult the online page will be directed to a query form where potential sellers can give interest and basic information regarding their future book’s manuscript.

Other aids such as ghost writing services, biographic research assistance and general critiquing are also available upon the securing of a contract agreement if desired. An included blog keeps publishers up-to-date on the latest sales, exclusive services and applications for literary grants.

BSP hosts an annual writing contest in which entrants upload their book’s manuscript for a possible shot at a $250 award prize with review and compliance with expressed rules. For more information, visit or email for possible publishing agreements, contest inquiries, rules and more.



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