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SU launches new branding initiative

Salisbury University has launched its new branding initiative, “Make Tomorrow Yours,” in a reinvention of its public image.

SU President Charles Wight said the new brand was created to represent what the university has to offer and comes at a pivotal time for the institution to differentiate its environment and opportunities as higher education continues to grow and change.

“’Make Tomorrow Yours’ is an expression of the opportunities that exist at Salisbury University for students to acquire the skills and knowledge to go out and change the world for good,” Wight said.

The brand was built on pillars that emphasize the university’s environment, opportunities and affordability, Wight said.

“’Make Tomorrow Yours’ is a statement that if [prospective students] come here to get an education … they will leave here armed with the skills and knowledge that they need to take advantage of those many new opportunities that will be available to them.”

Discussions began almost two years ago regarding the need to “freshen up” the brand, said Wight, and students agreed that a change was necessary.

“It was definitely time for a revamp,” said Kellan McAleer, a junior at SU.

McAleer said that the new brand is representative of the out-of-the-classroom experiences that the university provides, including the job fairs and internships that prepare for students their future careers.

The initiative was created after extensive research gathered through surveys, focus groups and other methods to reveal “what’s special about Salisbury University and how we can best communicate that unique opportunity to our stakeholders,” Wight said.

Wight said different parts of the branding campaign will be rolled out over the next several months.

The new message has already created a presence on campus in academic buildings, as well as on shirts and billboards, said Andrew Wilson, president of SU’s Student Government Association.

“I walked by Perdue [Hall] one day and they had ‘Make Tomorrow Yours’ across all the televisions,” Wilson said.

Wilson said the SGA Executive Board was involved in discussions about the new brand, and he is happy with the final product.

The school colors and mascot will remain, but other aspects of the university’s identity will be completely new. Wight revealed that the “SU wave,” a new border graphic, has been introduced to reference the water in SU’s surrounding areas.

“Water is a big part of what goes on in students’ experiences here at SU,” Wight said. “The wave is going to be an homage to that importance of water.”

To learn more about the university’s “Make Tomorrow Yours” brand, visit SU’s branding website.



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Featured image courtesy of Salisbury University Public Relations Office.

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