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SU offers new disability parking accommodations

Updated: This article was updated on March 3, 2022 to more accurately represent students involved with Salisbury University's new disability parking accommodations.

A new process is in place for students, faculty and staff who need disability parking accommodations.

Appointments to discuss parking options can be requested through the Disability Resource Center.

“Through an interactive process, DRC staff meet with students individually to discuss their parking request and the likely impact of their disability on their educational experiences at Salisbury University,” according to a Student Affairs Group email.

Most recent medical documentation should be submitted to the DRC.

“The DRC will work closely with Student Health Services, Counseling Services and Parking Services to gather the information necessary to determine reasonable accommodations,” the email stated.

The need for parking legislation and accommodations was first brought to SU's attention by NAACP President Dorien Rogers and his organization.

Legislation for this process was then submitted by Elizabeth Wash, president of the Delta Alpha Pi Honors Society, DAP Secretary Madison Darrah and Carly Nascimbeni, speaker of the Senate in October.

Darrah said the need for parking grew as the campus population fluctuated.

A vote took place in November 2021 resulting in new parking accommodations.

“The actual accommodation itself is that you would be able to, if you got approved, get an on-campus parking pass despite like, your year, credits or whatever,” Wash said.

Wash and Darrah attributed the previous absence of accommodations to lack of awareness.

“Education is a really big part,” Wash said.

For additional information regarding parking accommodations, students can reach out to SU's DRC:



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