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SU Professor David Gladden presents “Night Blooms”: an exhibit, performance and experience

From Sept. 18 to Nov. 10, SU Associate Professor of Art and Area Head of New Media Art, David Gladden, held his solo exhibition “Night Blooms” in the University Gallery of Fulton Hall.

The exhibition included 3-D printed objects, embedded video sculptures, colorful light boxes, ambient drone music and 3-D animations. All created and envisioned by Gladden, placed with help from some of his students.

“It stands out how unique it is, he’s definitely in his own world," said Hunter Plaskon, a student of Gladden. “In his class, you get his take but when you look at his art and his performance you can finally see his perspective.”

As part of the exhibit on Thursday, Nov. 9, David Gladden performed a live immersive video with ambient music alongside Tara Gladden. Advanced New Media and New Media two courses performed visuals.

Visuals moved alongside echoing, textured instrumentals as multiple live clips of the performance were projected on the Gladdens.

“In one word it would be serenity,” said Eddie Drummond, a cameramen included in Gladden’s performance. “I felt like I was falling into an abyss,” he said. “Really good, really exposing.”



Staff Writer

Video reporting courtesy of Kaylee Berends

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