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SU spring break to last 2 days

As COVID-19 continues to affect the daily lives of Salisbury University's students, faculty and staff, the university has chosen to shorten spring break for spring 2021 into a mini-break of two days.

"Although a normal, full-week Spring Break would give everyone a much-needed break, there are serious health concerns associated with campus community members leaving Salisbury ... A compromise is a mini-break of two days that would provide a few days of downtime," according to an email released today from The President's Office.

The mini-break will be on Monday, March 15 and Tuesday, March 16, and post-break COVID testing is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, March 17.

The email also stated that for the spring semester, approximately 45% of SU's classes will be online or remote, while approximately 55% of classes will be taught face-to-face or in a hybrid manner.

However, course modalities are contingent on the state of the pandemic.

"Although we hope to not have any changes to modalities as currently listed in GullNet, course modality may be modified if campus operations change (for example, if public health considerations require limiting access to campus) or if other factors necessitate changes," the email read.

Additionally, the spring 2021 semester will start on its originally scheduled date, Monday, Jan. 25.

SU has also scheduled its graduation ceremonies for next semester.

"At this point, Commencement exercises for next semester are planned for Friday-Saturday, May 14 and 15, but again, are contingent upon public health considerations next spring," according to The President's Office.

For the spring semester, SU's current health precautions will remain in place.

"Because it looks like the pandemic will follow us into 2021, mandatory testing and current campus policies regarding face mask use, physical distancing, IDs and visitor registration will continue into the spring semester," the email included.




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