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SU, student organizations bring Halloween spirit to campus

Salisbury University students and the surrounding community came together from 5:30-7 p.m. Tuesday night for Halloween. SU opened its campus to the public at no charge for its second annual trick-or-treat event.

The festivities were hosted by SU and student organizations sponsored the University houses lining Camden Avenue. Members handed out candy to children dressed in Halloween costumes.

Lilly Ngo, member of SU’s SGA, play’s cornhole in front of the Admissions House. Ngo dressed in a Stitch onesie to be festive and warm for her first year participating in SU Trick-or-Treat. Image courtesy of Georgia Foster

Lilly Ngo, a member of SU’s Student Government Association, came to hand out candy dressed as Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. She said that it was not mandatory to help pass out candy but that she was happy to do it.

“I thought it was a great way to engage with the community and bond with people outside of a school setting,” Ngo said.

The SGA had games and candy set up at the Admissions House. Trick-or-treaters were encouraged to have fun and hang out.

Christine Smith, an editor at SU, brought her 10-year-old daughter for the second year in a row. Just months before the first SU trick-or treat, they moved to a neighborhood that didn’t offer the holiday tradition.

“When the University announced they were doing it, I thought [it was] a perfect opportunity,” Smith said. “It’s the campus we love, its safe, it’s friendly [and] it’s fun.”

Smith said she prefers SU’s event to the traditional trick-or-treating that her daughter participated in growing up.

“This was a much better experience,” Smith said. “The atmosphere is so positive [and] there’s students out, excited to see [the kids].”

Salisbury resident Caroline Smith grabs candy from Zeta Tau Alpha’s table in front of Scarborough Leadership Center. Smith dressed as a butterfly this year and attended the event with her mother. Image courtesy of Georgia Foster

Joel Sinclair, Coordinator of fraternity and sorority life at SU, said he was impressed with the number of members that came out for this event.

“The initiative was latched onto quite quickly,” Sinclair said. “So that certainly warms my heart.”

Sinclair said that he enjoyed seeing FSL members interacting with families that attended and plans to get involved again next year.

“I think the University really hit a homerun with this one,” Sinclair said. “Offering a chance for the community to have a safe trick or treat experience.”

Quinn Sutker, a member of Sigma Tau Gamma, said that he didn’t hesitate to sign up. He was excited to have a break from his daily academic responsibilities.

Quinn Sutker passes out candy to kids at the Fraternities’ table in front of Scarborough Leadership Center. He and fellow members almost ran out of the provided sweets by the end of the night. Image courtesy of Georgia Foster.

“It reminded me of when I was a little kid,” Sutker said. “I’d be going around my community center and trick-or-treating.”

Sutker said that helping with the event allowed him to get into the spirit as much as attending would have.

“It was cool [to be] in that position compared to when I was a little kid,” Sutker said. “It was nice to be on the other side of things and [give] back.”

Volunteers and attendees alike hope that Salisbury University will host another trick-or-treat event next Halloween.



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Featured images courtesy of Georgia Foster

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