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Suspect scheduled to plead guilty to racially charged graffiti at SU

Throughout the past academic year, there were multiple incidents where racially charged graffiti was written in Salisbury University's academic buildings. SU has identified the suspect involved in this vandalism, and he is scheduled to plead guilty.

In an email sent to members of the campus community today, SU President Charles Wight announced that the suspect involved in the vandalism, 54-year-old Jerome K. Jackson from Princess Anne, Maryland, "has signed an intention to enter a guilty plea of maliciously defacing property while demonstrating racial animosity in connection with the racist, misogynistic and threatening vandalism discovered on campus during the 2019-20 academic year, under Maryland's hate crime statute."

Jackson has no known connections to SU's campus. He has accepted the responsibility for every one of the vandalism incidents that occurred on campus during the past academic year.

According to the Office of the State's Attorney for Wicomico County, Jackson is scheduled to plead guilty on June 12 in the District Court for Wicomico County. He will pay restitution to SU for the damage he caused to its property.

Additionally, after Jackson pleads guilty, the state of Maryland will recommend that he serve 18 months of jail time.



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Featured photo: Office of the State's Attorney for Wicomico County.

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