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The spotlight is on SU faculty at The Brick Room

Friday evenings in Downtown Salisbury just got a little more musical as Feature Fridays return to The Brick Room. Over 80 people gathered in The Brick Room, a bar located at 116 N. Division St., to watch trombonist Lee Knier of Salisbury University’s Music, Theatre and Dance Department perform with friends.

“How many people came out today just to see if I had any friends?” joked Knier, setting the tone for the evening.

This was Knier’s second year performing in Feature Friday, and with every song, he brought up a different musical guest from the university or the community. From slow orchestral songs featuring the trombone to lively New Orleans jazz with banjos, trumpets, saxophones and percussion, Knier had the audience’s full attention.

For Knier, these are more than just performances — it’s a time for him to do what he loves with his friends and colleagues all around him.

“It different, and I mean that in a good way,” Knier said. “It's totally different, it's intimate and a lot of university people come down, it's not a show, it's not a recital, it’s not a concert, it’s just fun.”

Lee Knier performing at Feature Friday.

Darrell Mullins, professor of communication arts at Salisbury University, attended Feature Friday along with his colleagues from the university to support his fellow faculty performing.

“We’re all friends with some of the music faculty, and we wanted to come out and support them,” Mullins said. “These performances are always high quality; I’ve never been to one of these that disappointed me.”

The evening was full of music, mingling and lots of applause starting off Feature Fridays the right way. Next Friday will feature Danielle Cumming, a professor of guitar studies at SU, performing with her friends at The Brick Room.




Featured photo: Sofia Carrasco images.

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