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Three students arrested for drug possession with intent to distribute

On Tuesday, March 6, three Salisbury University students were arrested in University Park for possession of drugs with intent to distribute, according to the SU Police crime log.

Salisbury’s Daily Times released a report that details charges for Joshua Franzak, Scott Mudd and Arne Nelson for possession of 160 grams of marijuana and 27 grams of cocaine.

They were arrested after a February investigation of their apartment by the Wicomico County Narcotics Task Force (WCNTF) concluded with the execution of a search warrant around 9:30 PM on March 5, a press release from WCNTF reported. The suspects returned home to the location during the search and were detained by police.

Investigators found eight marijuana plants in Franzak’s apartment along with lighting to grow them, according to the Daily Times’ article. They also discovered psilocybin in capsules and a single bag of it in the apartment.

The three suspects also had over $5600 dollars in cash.

Wicomico County District Court records show that Nelson faces two felony charges for possession with intent to distribute as well as three misdemeanor charges, two for non-marijuana narcotics possession and one for paraphernalia.

Mudd was also charged with two felonies and three misdemeanors; two felony intent to distribute charges, along with one count of possession of more than ten grams of marijuana, paraphernalia and one charge of not marijuana.

Franzak has one count felony manufacture of CDS and one charge of possession of more than ten grams of marijuana and four counts of possession not marijuana.

SU Vice President of Student Affairs Dane Foust released a short statement about the arrests.

“Salisbury University takes incidents like this very seriously,” the statement read.

The Student Code of Conduct prohibits the possession, manufacture, sale or distribution of drugs and paraphernalia.

While unable to comment on this specific event due to federal privacy laws, students in violation of the Code of Conduct may face sanctions ranging from mandatory education or treatment programs up to expulsion from SU, in addition to legal actions.

Nelson, Franzak and Mudd all posted bond and are pending trial.




Featured photo: University Park/Salisbury University image.

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