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Unvaccinated students to be banned from campus

All Salisbury University students must receive their first dose of a coronavirus vaccine by Friday to attend in-person classes and maintain access to any campus facilities, including residence halls, per a recent email from SU’s President’s Office.

Unvaccinated students and employees without an exemption to the University System of Maryland’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate will lose access to campus beginning Sept. 6, according to the email.

Faculty members are not required to make accommodations for students restricted from campus, with any absences resulting from non-compliance considered unexcused.

University employees barred from campus due to non-compliance will be forced to use leave time or forfeit pay for any days missed, as teleworking will not be permitted, per the email.

More than 90% of SU’s students, faculty and staff who have completed the university’s COVID-19 vaccination consent form are fully vaccinated, according to a recent Student Affairs email. Those who do not complete the consent form will also be considered unvaccinated and risk losing access to campus.

The exact number of students who may risk losing access to residence halls due to non-compliance is unclear at this time.

For more information on SU’s coronavirus prevention protocols or to view the latest university COVID-19 test results, visit



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Featured image courtesy of Salisbury University Public Relations Office.

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