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WATCH: SU’s new students grapple with a COVID-19 campus

Salisbury University’s class of 2025 witnessed its first glimpse at a campus transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic Saturday during the university’s new-look Admitted Students Day.

Many of the day’s tables and presentations were moved to outdoor areas across campus to accommodate social distancing requirements, with booths lining the entrances to the Perdue School of Business, Holloway Hall and the Guerrieri Student Union.

Despite the overhauled event procedures and new coronavirus-prevention protocols, Director of Admissions Beth Skoglund called the event “very successful” by bringing in around 170 students with their family members to tour the campus amid the pandemic.

Jack Desimone, a newly admitted SU student who participated in Saturday’s tours, said the on-campus experience was a refreshing outlet from the recent effects of COVID-19.

“It was nice to see people walking around the college,” Desimone said. “During my first tour, which was during the middle of [the pandemic], you couldn’t really see anyone walking around at all.”

The event’s more than 300 total students and guests were guided through booths of the university’s organizations and events, as well as given the opportunity to explore the campus’ dorms, said Mackenzie Schaefer, one of SU’s student tour guides.

Skoglund said the university plans to hold a second Admitted Students Day on April 24 to accommodate the limited number of individuals allowed on SU’s campus.

Virtual events for newly admitted students will also be held on April 14 and 15 for those unable to attend in-person tours, Skoglund said.



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Featured media courtesy of Jakob Todd.

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