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What podcasts are SU students listening to?

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Bored? Long car ride? Walking from class to class? Any of these situations are the perfect time for students to listen to podcasts. Podcasts allow students to listen to stories, talk shows and more. They are available on many different platforms, including the Apple podcast app, Spotify, iTunes and more. The variety of content that podcasts cover is vast, ranging from sports to crime to comedy to philosophy, meaning that there is a podcast for every interest.

Salisbury University freshman Mackenzie Mickle enjoys listening to the YouTube-famous Try Guys' podcast called "The Tripod on YouTube." She first heard about the podcast after watching the Try Guys' YouTube channel, and looks forward to a new podcast coming out every Thursday.

“They just talk about the behind the scenes stuff of their videos and behind the scene stuff that’s not included. They’ll do, like, bits sort of, like there was one episode where they were, like, proposing a movie idea, and there was another one where they proposed inventions," Mickle stated.

Mickle enjoys listening to podcasts because of the ability it gives her to do other things while listening, unlike watching a video where she is just looking at the video to fully comprehend the topic.

“I can listen to it while doing homework; I don’t actually have to watch it. With their videos, those are more visually based, but with the podcast, I can listen to it while doing other things," Mickle stated.

Junior Becky Gerber enjoys listening to podcasts as well, but listens to a different category than Mickle. Her favorite two podcasts are "True Crime All the Time" and "True Crime All the Time Unsolved.”

“'True Crime All the Time' is about usually murders, serial killers a lot of the time, and the two hosts walk through everything that happened with the crimes. 'Unsolved' is the same thing, except they do it with unsolved cases, so, like, they did one on the East Area Killer, the cold state killer and things like that,” Gerber stated.

As many people do with Netflix or TV, Gerber uses podcasts as a way to unwind and relax at night before she falls asleep.

“[I listen to them] usually in the evenings, so I’ll do it when I get in bed, around eight or nine. While I’m winding down, I’ll usually listen to it,” Gerber stated.

Owen Dennis, a senior at SU, listens to a variety of podcasts, ranging from fantasy football to the Impractical Jokers' podcasts, as well as a comedy show called 'What Say You?'”

Dennis uses podcasts to pass time on his commute to work or when doing anything that is a monotonous task.

“I have a long car ride to work. It’s about forty-five minutes, so it passes the time for sure, and it is something you can kind of think about subconsciously while you are focusing on the road,” Dennis stated.

No matter what a person is interested in, there is a podcast for everyone. From crime to comedy to advice to religious discussions, there is no shortage of topics available. The next time you are trying to find a way to pass the time, log on to Spotify, YouTube or any other podcast app and give listening a go.



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