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Changes to Seagull Sports

New changes are everywhere at Salisbury, especially at East Campus for our Sports program. With a new Director of Athletics and Campus Recreation and a new student section, this semester is full of novelty. Photo courtesy of Rajan Turner

A new Fall season has arrived at Salisbury and with it comes several changes to our sports program. With new freshman athletes on campus and new staff, this season is full of novelty for the Gulls.

The Seagull Soccer Stadium, which opened in 2017, is home to two dedicated soccer fields with stands for fans. Recently, the stadium was renamed the Gerry DiBartolo Sea Gull Complex, after a dedicated member of Salisbury staff.

DiBartolo served Salisbury for 44 years, including 37 years as a soccer coach. The stadium renaming ceremony occurred before the alumni games held on August 26 with speakers including SU Director of Athletics Monica Polizzi, Mayor of Salisbury Jack Heath and SU President Dr. Carolyn Ringer Lepre.

"I'm honored that we are able to pay tribute to someone who gave so much to the soccer programs, athletics and recreation departments, and the University as a whole," said Lepre (SU Athletics, 2023).

"I could have never imagined a complex being named after me," said DiBartolo.

"When I came to SU, I wanted to teach and mentor young people to prepare them for success after graduation, enjoy their athletic experience at SU and be proud to be part of the Sea Gull family. I have had so many wonderful memories at Salisbury, and I'm incredibly humbled and grateful for this recognition,” (SU Athletics, 2023).

Salisbury also welcomed a new Director of Athletics and Campus Recreation, Monica Gordy Polizzi. Polizzi is the first woman to hold this position on Salisbury's campus.

"I am excited for the chance to lead the Sea Gulls, and I'm eager to work with so many talented and successful coaches and staff," said Polizzi.

"Growing up near the University, I had the opportunity to experience the enthusiasm around some of the program's earliest team championships in the 1990s. I can't wait to play a part in that legacy, and to partner with the campus in support of SU's pursuit of excellence," (SU Athletics, 2023).

Fall sport athletes moved in early August, and Winter sports athletes followed in mid-august, including all the new freshman athletes, adding to the 500 plus varsity athletes on campus.



Sports Editor

Featured image courtesy of Rajan Turner

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