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Former SU men’s basketball grad assistant releases statement on resignation

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Alongside the recent departure of former head coach Andrew Sachs from the Salisbury University men’s basketball program, another shockwave hit the program this past weekend. On Nov. 2, an SU official confirmed to The Flyer that team graduate assistant coach Daniel Eacho had submitted his resignation.

Eacho was the only full-time staff member other than Sachs devoted to the program for the past year. As an all-conference center, Eacho’s roots are back in Old Dominion Athletic Conference basketball, where he will depart to.

In his Twitter bio, Eacho recently made an update to suggest that he will take an assistant coach position at Hampden-Sydney College. The departure leaves two coaches on the SU staff, including interim head coach Brian McDermott and assistant coach Shawn Tucker.

On Nov. 6, Eacho released the following statement through Delmarva Now:

“On Friday, November 2, I resigned as Graduate Assistant of SU’s Men’s Basketball Program,” the statement said. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Coach Sachs for all that he has taught me and done for me over the last 16 months. I would also like to publicly state that everything he has said regarding his departure from SU is absolutely true.”

“The team camp was done to benefit me and the volunteer assistants. I thank him for thinking of others before himself. I know the sudden illness of Jack Ferguson has weighed on him heavily, as he considers his players as one of his own. I cannot emphasize enough how traumatic that 4-week period leading up to the camp was for him. I have no doubt that Coach Sachs will persevere. He is one of the best in the industry, and I feel very fortunate to have worked with him.”

Eacho’s statement references directly to Sachs’ one that he released late last week. Sachs noted a camp that he held at SU as one of the reasons behind his eventual departure from the program due to pressure from SU Athletics officials, as he noted.



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Featured photo: SU gathers for a timeout during its CAC First Round game last season. Eacho is pictured on the right side of the group. (Emma Reider image).

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