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Gallery: SU's Student Section Returns

As our hard-working players of our football team took the field, some amazing memories of the student section being back was something this school needed to make it feel more like a community. A good way to remember this gracious time is capturing them. With this gallery, it displays great moments to remember from the game.

Although it was a tough loss for the gulls, the moments will still be a good memory. From a touchdown before halftime, the cheer squad cheering on and the Poms team dancing with pride, the student section was packed with excitement and glee. All these moments make the beauty of football come to life.

Players and coaching staff run out of the field to get the game going.

SU's student section cheering from the nest.

SGA President Wyatt Parks, front and center getting the student section pumped up.

Sophomore, Kollin Samaha, kicks off the first home game of the year.

Senior, A.J. Butler, intercepts a pass, running to the bench and crowd letting them know his name and what he can do.

Sophomore, Alex Richards, with what was almost a great pass to give the gulls an advantage to get a touchdown.

Junior, Jaden Davis, glided away from John Hopkins defense with a touchdown to give the gulls their first touchdown in home field of the year.

Right after Davis's touchdown, freshman, Tucker Smack, scores an extra point with a kick.

Poms dance team giving an energetic and passionate halftime performance.

The SU Cheer team pumps up the crowd at halftime.

As the third quarter begins, Sophomore, Alex Richards, leaps over John Hopkins defender dodging his tackle.

Though the game did not end in the way we all wanted it to, the student section is on its way back. With record attendance since tailgating was banned, this game was a great start to bring back football culture to Salisbury University. And a great start to bring back pride to the school as well. In the student section, school became a community, more than just a place to attend class.

More pictures of the can be found via Instagram @flicksbyrajan.



Gull Life Editor

Featured images courtesy of Raj Turner

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