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Governor, FCC Chair Woman visit campus to promote Affordable Connectivity Program

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Governer Wes Moore addresses the Salisbury community on August 29th, 2023 about the FCC's Affordable Connectivity Program. Photo courtesy of Hailey Deares

Maryland Governor Wes Moore, Maryland Secretary of Housing and Community Development Jake Day, FCC Chairwomen Jessica Rosenworcel and other members of the FCC visited campus on August 29 to discuss the new Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). The visit served to not only promote the program, but to train community members and to answer questions.

The event started with a "Train the Trainer" session led by FCC staff to help explain who qualifies and how to sign others up. Community members were able to pose questions to staff in charge of the program and gain valuable insight on how it can benefit the local community.

This program can benefit Salisbury students specifically as those with Pell grants are eligible, and 25% of students fall into this category. Along with Pell grant recipient, those who receive free and reduced lunches, SNAP or Medicaid are eligible.

To apply, one must qualify then identify. This means meeting the eligibility requirements, then signing up with a valid US ID.

The event then moved into a press conference with Moore, Day, Rosenworcel and Lepre. Each leader mentioned their hopes for the project and how it is important to them.

The program aims to leave "no Marylander, Salisburian, Wicomico resident behind" says Rosenworcel.

Day says the program works to "close the digital divide for all Marylanders," with Maryland offering a $15 additional discount to the $30 one from the FCC on broadband.

In Maryland, 59% of eligible households are not on the program, and Moore is committed to closing this gap. "As long as I am governor, the statehouse is an active partner in this. I refuse to be passive."



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Featured image courtesy of Hailey Deares

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