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Join Alpha Phi Omega to better the City of Salisbury

Alpha Phi Omega is a co-ed National Service Fraternity, collating efforts to better the community of Salisbury. The Salisbury Chapter is just one of the 375 chapters throughout college campuses nationwide, having over 500,000 members within their confines.

In addition to their fundraising efforts for the American Heart Association, the fraternity is in the process of organizing a variety of other events to support the fruition of the surrounding community. Although they are less populated when compared to other fraternities on campus, their impact spans beyond the campus, having impacts in immeasurable factions.

“Everyone is welcome in our fraternity; we’re co-ed and our goal are to help and serve our community. We’re not like other fraternities on campus, we put all of our efforts into servicing the community the best we can,” President, Nick Sanders shared.

One of their most recent endeavors is working with a local hero, Craig Fauntz, who spends his free time going around Salisbury and cleaning up the trash that is littering the streets.

Alpha Phi Omega efforts to assist Fauntz in his crusade have already yielded extraordinary results, with their combined efforts already collecting over 1000 pounds of litter and waste around the city of Salisbury.

Fauntz states that he is striving to make Salisbury one of the cleanest cities in the country; although we have a long way to go, Alpha Phi Omega is employing their efforts to push the city of Salisbury in the right direction.

Their communitywide efforts do not stop there! The fraternity is currently working with city administrators to remove the subscription fee that Salisbury civilians have to pay to have their trash removed, a factor that has drastically increase the amount of littered waste around the city.

Additionally, Alpha Phi Omega is collating with city constituents to provide meal alternatives to the 80% of children that are currently enrolled within the free and reduced lunch program in the public school system of Salisbury.

Their efforts have made strides in assisting the children and families within the city of Salisbury. The organization are current working with city officials, applying to service grants and organizing fundraisers to raise money for their community efforts.

“Our mission statement is leadership, friendship and service. We want to teach our members how to be leaders in business, or how to be more successful within their future careers.” Vice President of services, Jared McClean stated on the Fraternity.

McClean ensured that Alpha Phi Omega is an community serving administration, but will also allow you to become a part of an interconnected groups of friends. If you are one of the many students feeling displaced because of the socially-distanced society we are currently living within, this fraternity will provide you with a network of extraordinary individuals, while employing your efforts to better the lives of your constituents within the city of Salisbury.

“It is honestly refreshing to know that there is an organization on campus that has the sole goal to try and service the Salisbury community… having a Fraternity like this, especially one that is co-ed, is so important,” Senior, Carli Hill commented on the organization.

If you want to help within the organization’s efforts, but are worried about the time commitment, then do not fret! Any student has the ability to come and volunteer for any of Alpha Phu Omega’s service events, without being committed to the organization itself. So, if you have a free day in the future and you’re looking to give back to your community, volunteering through their efforts is the way to go.

If you are looking to keep tabs on their upcoming events, check out the website Involved@SU for announcements on upcoming events. If you’re looking to join the organization, email or call 301-606-2057.

Be the change you want to see in your community. Alpha Phi Omega Organizational efforts are essential for the fruition of our surrounding community, and joining their efforts is just the first step to betterment of our world.


BY: Stephanie Rivera

Gull Life Editor

Photo credit: Alpha Phi Omega Services

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