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New SU president to be selected by end of spring semester

The search continues for Salisbury University’s tenth president and remains a closed process. Members of the search committee are required to keep information about the process confidential at this stage. University System of Maryland Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs Joann Boughman sits on the committee.

“It’s kind of our job as a search committee to reach out and find some of those people and because many of the prime candidates are already in good jobs, they don’t want to jeopardize their current position by sending the wrong signals to their own institution,” Boughman said.

The committee consists of 23 members with various perspectives from different constituencies. Student representatives on the committee are Andrew Wilson, president of the Student Government Association and Jessica Strange, president of the Graduate Student Council.

“I value both Andrew and Jessica as colleagues as well as student leaders,” said Boughman. Boughman confirmed a profile for an ideal candidate has been written, emphasizing SU’s values and presidential qualities. “Even the profile itself, I think, is robust, it’s energetic. It is not only up on [SU’s] website, but we have an advertising plan moving forward,” Boughman said.

Academic Search, a national executive search firm, is involved as well.

“They have a great reputation, they in fact were the ones who helped with the last search at Salisbury [University] that found President Wight. They have connections like you wouldn’t believe,” Boughman said.

Boughman said the next phase of the search is to dive into resumes and narrow down eight to 10 candidates for interviews.

The committee recommends three or four candidates to the chancellor and Board of Regents. The chancellor will meet with candidates individually.

A candidate is expected to be chosen toward the end of the spring semester. SU’s next president will likely assume office by July 1.

More information about the president's search can be found here



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