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SU Alumnus Jay Copeland in "American Idol" Top 7

SU Alumnus Jay Copeland advanced to the nation's Top 7 on Sunday night’s live episode of “American Idol.”

Competitors traveled to Disneyland where “American Idol” shocked Copeland by flying out his mom, Christina Copeland-Ryder, to watch the performance and spend time with her son.

“It is overwhelming to see him living his dream, but I’m so grateful that I’m here to see it,” Copeland-Ryder said.

Copeland said he was grateful for the opportunity to show his mom the effort he put into competition.

“I’m working hard so she can see that this is for us, it’s not just for me, but it’s for her as well,” Copeland said.

Copeland chose to sing “Remember Me” from the film “Coco” for the competition's "Disney Night."

Copeland received a standing ovation from the judges for his performance.

“I love that you started in a different position,” Katy Perry said, referencing Copeland’s choice of standing with his back to the judges for the start of the song, “It’s called showmanship, you’re the only one who has used the stage to their advantage.”

The other judges also praised Copeland's star quality.

“You have a career, you are a star automatically … it’s how far you will go, not in this competition, but in the career of this music business,” Lionel Richie said.

The audience agreed with the judge’s assessment, landing Copeland a spot in the Top 7 after 20 million votes.

Click here to watch Jay Copeland’s performance.



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Featured image courtesy of Jay Copeland's Instagram

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