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SU Crime Beat roundup: CDS violations, tunnel assault, suspicious persons outside dorms

Crime at Salisbury University during the month of February consisted of drug and alcohol citations, but there were also incidents of individuals from outside the SU campus community trespassing on school grounds and one incident of assault in the tunnel underneath U.S. 13.

According to reports submitted by SU Police Chief Edwin L. Lashley through the university’s website Crimebeat, the assault case took place on Feb. 15 around 8 p.m. in the SU tunnel. The report states a female student was walking when the juvenile suspect assaulted her and committed fourth degree sexual assault, which covers any sexual contact or touching under Maryland law. University Police closed the case with an arrest.

The most recent case of a suspicious person was on Saturday when, according to police, a student in Chester Hall reported three unknown subjects followed the student into her dorm. Police found and identified the three subjects.

There were similar reports around Chester and St. Martin halls on Feb. 13 through 15. Reports circulated through the website of a male individual around the buildings, resulting in police removing the non-student from university property.

Earlier in the month on Feb. 4, police say a student reported a suspicious individual outside Seagull Square. The individual was gone by the time police arrived.

SU police issued nine drug or alcohol citations from Feb. 18 to 24. One student was arrested on Feb. 17 for possession of drugs and driving under the influence.

On Feb. 3 police were called to Choptank Hall for a domestic violence incident between two students, which was referred to the District Court Commissioner.




Featured photo: Megan Campbell image.

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