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Folkfest Festivities Gallery

The Maryland Folk Festival was a great way to have a busy weekend. Only slight problem was the recent tropical storm. But rain did not stop the folk festival from being full swing, it was the silver lining in a dangerous storm. Here displayed is a gallery of what happened the weekend of the amazing folk festival.

Folk festival day one. People gather at the vendors to find shelter from the storm and maybe something to take home. Shot by Brooke Birckhead.

A member of the band "Lower Case Blues," Jake Banaszak, flying away on the guitar. Shot by Raj Turner

"The Boys" a polka style band performed some of their top hits on Friday night at 7. Shot by Brooke Birckhead.

A large crowd gathered around and entertained by the "Lower Case Blues." Shot by Raj Turner

Jewelry at a vendor dangling in the wind. Shot by Brooke Birckhead.

A very happy child with her father drawing with street chalk and in the family area. Shot by Raj Turner.

In the family area was a street performer named "Cascading Carlos the Juggler." Juggling dangerous yet mastered fire sticks and torches. Also while balancing on a board. Shot by Raj Turner.

A vendor showcasing her art as the wind blows everything around. Shot by Madeline Rathmann.

Pablo Regis, a Brazilian singer performing with his Cavaco (a Brazilian uke). Shot by Raj Turner

"The Boys" performing on a rainy Friday evening amidst the tropical storm. Shot by Brooke Birckhead

"Lower Case Blues" performing upbeat and exciting songs. Shot by Raj Turner

As "The Blue and Gold" were preforming a lady was translating in sign language. Shot by Raj Turner

As the duo of "The Blue and Gold" were preforming, attraction was getting big. More and more people came to listen. Shot by Raj Turner

Though it was a smaller crowd because of the rain, locals came out in their raincoats to be apart of the folk festival festivities. Shot by Madeline Rathmann.

Two women got up and started dancing during "the Boys" polka performance. Shot by Madeline Rathmann.

The folk festival brought in new customers to many of the small shops off of main street. Including Breath Interiors. Shot by Madeline Rathmann.

People dancing to "the Boys" as they play their polka music. Shot by Colin McEvers.

A crowd huddled under raincoats and umbrella's watching the festival. Shot by Colin McEvers.

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