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Relay for Life rallies campus community

Salisbury University's Relay for Life is a six-hour event held annually to raise money and awareness for the American Cancer Society. This year's Relay raised over $50,000, showing the event's importance to students, faculty, friends and families who rallied around the cause.

Relay for Life Co-Director of External Outreach Maggie Atherton opens the event with a speech, reminding participants of the event's impact.

Relay for Life President Kayla Pedersen starts the Relay by walking the first lap with her grandparents, both cancer survivors.

Olivia Roark (left) and Annie Ellis (right) each donate over eight inches of hair to help make wigs.

Julia Isaacson participates in the Jail n' Bail at Relay, where participants can pay to lock someone in "jail" until someone pays $20 "bail."

Raymond Paguay (left) and Karia Forvil (right) stop by the event to support the cause.

SU swimmers Rob Krouse (left) and Gabe Miksa (right) volunteer to raise money selling glow sticks.

Full of energy, Julia Isaacson (left) and Nikki Mondo (right) dance and sing while Housing Co. performs live music.

Emily Rager (left) and Lauren Tyler (right) walk throughout the night, representing Phi Mu's support.

(Left to right) Kat Talbott, Leah Snyder and Madi Sisson enjoy Relay playing spike ball and dunking friends in the dunk tank.

Bella Shade donates 12 inches of her hair to help create wigs.

Kristen Riddell (left) and Kiki Demodna (right) take a break while walking three miles at Relay supporting the field hockey team.

Jake Armacost (left) and Riley Smith (right) don nurse costumes to help raise awareness for American Cancer Society.

Samantha Tirelle dances and takes photos as Housing Co. plays song covers for the crowd.

Mikayla Lindsay dances through the night, participating in a directed Zumba activity.



Photography Editor

Featured images by Maddie Rathmann.

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