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GALLERY: Knights of Bury soon to be SU club

Updated: May 5

Lightsaber dueling group, the Knights of Bury, is soon to be an official club at Salisbury University.

This up-and-coming club appeals to SU students looking to relieve stress or live childhood dreams. The group meets Thursdays at 8 p.m., welcoming all Jedi Knights and Star Wars enthusiasts.

BYOL (Bring your own lightsaber)!


The Knights of Bury is comprised of Jedi Knights Chris Diehl (from left), Cole Barbes, Jeremy Dietrich, Christian Ottey, Colby Levengood and Luke Hartlaub.

The force is strong with Darth Diehl as he pins Jeremy Dietrich (right) on a rainy night outside Guerrieri Academic Commons.

Cole Barbes (left) battles Luke Hartlaub in true Jedi fashion, taking a defensive position.

Jeremy Dietrich could be mistaken for a Mandalorian seeking out his bounty, Baby Yoda.

Luke Hartlaub (left) and Cole Barbes are students by day, Jedi by night.

Christian Ottey looks like General Grievous with help from Jeremy Dietrich, hiding behind.

"We're a super friendly bunch and are just looking for more people to join in our shared passion," club founder Jeremy Dietrich says.

The Knights of Bury bring iconic Star Wars scenes to life on SU's campus.

Knights of Bury Chris Diehl (left) and Cole Barbes spar to practice the ways of the Force.



Photography Editor

Photography courtesy of Benjamin Lausch.

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