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GALLERY: NAACP's march against racism at Salisbury University

Updated: May 5, 2023

Saturday, Salisbury University's NAACP led a march across campus to push for diversity and inclusion following an incident of racism the previous day.

Gallery by Photography editor Benjamin Lausch


Campus community members from both SU and UMES gather in front of Sammy the Seagull before marching.

SU's NAACP President Dorien Rogers addresses the group in preparation.

The crowd makes its way across campus as the march begins.

Students lead the way past Perdue Hall and across Red Square.

The group arrives at Fulton Hall where Rogers opens up the discussion.

Arnez Short, a senior at UMES, speaks out in support of SU.

Students listen as others share their thoughts on issues facing the community.

SU students continue to make their voices heard.

Every campus community member present had a chance to speak their mind on the pressing issues on campus.

SU Chief of Staff Eli Modlin addresses students' concerns and makes his support known.



Photography editor

Featured images courtesy of Benjamin Lausch.

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