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OC metal band departs for world tour

Full of Hell Members (left to right) Spencer Hazard, Dylan Walker, Sam DiGristine and Dave Bland pose before embarking on the band's first world tour

Rising metal band Full of Hell, from Ocean City, kicked off its first worldwide tour in San Diego Sept. 23. The band will accompany Blood Incantation across the US before performing alongside Petbrick and punk veteran Converge throughout Europe.

Full of Hell will perform its newest album, "Garden of Burning Apparitions," produced in Rhode Island by Seth Manchester of Machines with Magnets.

“After ten years we have the opportunity to make whatever record we want, within reason, and people will follow along," vocalist Dylan Walker said.

The album features rock riffs by guitarist Spencer Hazard and Sam DiGristine on bass, with drummer Dave Bland's rapid, intricate rhythms and Walker's lyrics about religion, hate and “the fear that death is inescapable."

"At the end of the day, Full of Hell’s main priority is keeping themselves entertained," said Kerrang writer Eli Enis.



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Featured image courtesy of Decibel Magazine


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