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SU art gallery review: "Hereafter" by Mary Sullivan

"Me, Myself and I" by Mary Sullivan.

Mary Sullivan is an art major at Salisbury University who has a selection of works on display titled “Hereafter” at the Guerrieri Student Union Art Space. She is known to incorporate grief and the passage of time into her work.

The first piece on display is titled “Me, Myself and I” and was conceived through a combination of slip, sand and charcoal on a canvas. It depicts four humanoids which combine into one disorderly shape.

The way in which each figure blends with the next evokes chaos. If this piece represents the various conflicting identities or motivations that often inhabit the human mind, it brilliantly succeeds.

Another work from this exhibit that caught my attention was “Fear of Losing.” Like “Me, Myself and I,” it features entwined humanoid figures comprised of slip and charcoal on a canvas.

However, this piece seems to be an expression of external emotion rather than internal. One can just barely make out the outline of two lovers desperately holding onto one another.

“Fear of Losing” and “Me, Myself and I” are examples of Sullivan’s ability to use similar techniques to evoke entirely different emotions on canvas.

This exhibit also explores the combination of abstract shapes.

“In My 20’s” features cool, blue strokes alongside vibrant oranges. This is a departure from the exhibit’s other works which tend to explore a variety of earth tones.

It is an exciting encapsulation of youth’s calming and thrilling moments through linear and geometrical textures.

“Hereafter” is currently on display at the Guerrieri Student Union Art Space until Mar. 26. Admission is free, but the exhibit is not open to the public due to COVID-19.



Editorial editor

Image courtesy of Salisbury University.

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